self love

There are things more Important than your weight

I’ve always…very quietly, and very under the radar, struggled with weight gain. As in, it’s something I hate doing, and therefor don’t. My BMI typically hangs out around 18 or 19. And while I don’t go to extreme measures to keep it that way (anymore), I actively make food choices to support a “healthier” lifestyle. …

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Reconnecting with my past

I’ve always been a writer. Even going as far back as elementary school, I’ve always gravitated towards writing to communicate my feelings. I had…a rather intense childhood, and it’s not something I like to think about or relive. Since we’re going to be starting EMDR in therapy soon…I’m kind of going to be forced to …

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Searching for…..something

My therapist is always telling me to “stop chasing the feeling”. It pisses me off just a little, not gonna lie, and I really have no idea what she means. But it stuck. It sunk in. She’s right, that is what I do. And more often than not, it gets me into trouble. I’m always …

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