A year ago, I lost a friend

I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for a good few years now. And in those 3ish(?) years, I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve learned about myself, I’ve learned about other people and their stories, both similar to mine and completely different. But the thing that’s made the biggest impact is the actual, genuine, real …

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Losing the light

Tonight sucks. I’m feeling alone. (Deja fucking vu, right?) I don’t think this phase of life will ever end. I’m beginning to feel like my husband will never come home. (His dad is very sick and he’s been taking care of him for the past few weeks). These nights get…intense. Sleeping has gotten harder. The …

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My strongest desire right now is to run. Run from my life. Run from my problems, run from my fears. Right now, things are just about as bad as they get. On the outside? I’m seemingly very strong. Very put together…very normal. But that’s not how I’m feeling. I’m feeling frantic. I’m feeling overwhelmed. And …

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