Never good enough

No matter how much I want to, I’ll never be able to speak the words that my head is screaming. I’ll always be a disappointment. Burdened to carry the weight of the world myself. I need to get this away from me. I need to share the weight of it. This is crushing me, and …

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Built up tension

It’s been over a week since I’ve been to therapy, a vast difference from my typical twice a week schedule. I like it when things make sense, when I can be prepared, and when I more or less know what’s coming. I thought that would be the case going into Monday. Honestly, I thought I’d …

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Welcome to July

“You’re future is worth sticking around for”. That’s the quote on my calendar this month. I laughed when I saw it. July is my birthday month, next week actually. I’m not a fan of my birthday, I’ve never been sold on the idea of celebrating me. I’ve never seen myself as worthy of celebrating. Not …

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