Anxiety when it makes no sense. But really, if you look at it…it makes perfect sense. Anxiety when you feel useless. Anxiety when you don’t feel good enough. When you feel like no one cares. When all you feel is alone. Anxiety. Panic. Isolation.Fear. Whatever it feels like…whatever you call it…does it really matter? It’s …

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Losing my voice

I feel like I’m losing my voice. I’m struggling with what to say, what to write, or even what to feel. I feel so broken and useless. I’m pushing people away and shutting down. It’s the worst place to be in. I hate this feeling..the feeling of losing my voice and my identity. The only …

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Contradictory world

It’s hard to live in a contradictory world. Parts of it will cheer you on, agree with your stance and viewpoint. While others will surely massacre you for it. How dare you think that way, how dare you act that way. You’ll never be able to win in a world that wants you to lose. …

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