Something Worth Fighting For: Life Goes On

Hello from the hospital

Ugh, my nightmare week continues.

Baby Atlas did end up getting admitted to the hospital yesterday.

He tested positive for RSV on Monday and when we went back to the doctor the next day, she didn’t like how he was sounding and decided to admit him.

Our night last night was…well, it was what you would expect for being in the hospital. Uncomfortable with no sleep.

He’s hooked up to monitors and has an IV in his arm which makes it clunky and hard to hold him. Thankfully I brought a swaddle that works with his setup, so I was able to get him to sleep overnight a little bit.

He did hold his oxygen well overnight, but it dips into the 80s when he’s awake. Last night he got a bit overtired and hard a hard time settling down, but I think he got some good enough chunks of sleep overnight so that he’ll be less tired today. Hopefully I can keep him on a good nap schedule so he isn’t so overtired, but it’s hard with everyone messing with him.

My husband stayed with me last night but left early this morning to be home to be there when our other sons wake up. He should be coming back here soon once my dad is able to watch them again.

It’s been a long and stressful week leading up to this, and I hope this is the thing that ends all the sickness. RSV is no joke, and I hate that he has it. But when you have older siblings, there’s just so little you can do to prevent it.

The “bed” here is actual shit and has no excuse to even call itself a bed. Yeah, it sucks here.

I’m ready to be home. But we have a few more days ahead of us here.

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