When the “emergency stash” is all that’s left.

Today was fine until it wasn’t. We had my sons birthday party today…but tomorrow he turns 3. I was fine. I did all the things and I tried to keep it together…. And I did. But then they went to bed. And I still thought I was fine. But now we’re inching towards midnight, and …

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Empty introspection

Tonight has been strange, for no other reason than being relatively unable to identify how I feel. I am unfortunately good at being introspective. Sometimes I think it’s simultaneously one of my biggest gifts and curses. I think anyone with a high level of introspection can agree with that sentiment. But, tonight is just weird. …

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When physical touch makes you cringe

Every…however often it is…things seems to feel worse. The shift is subtle, and usually, no one would be able to tell. But there’s one area where the shift becomes incredibly blatant and apparent. I don’t smile, I don’t want to be touched, I’m not going to pretend to be happy for your benefit…I’m exhausted all …

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