Something Worth Fighting For: Life Goes On

Can we go home yet?

No night in the hospital is a good night, but last night sucked quite a bit.

Our 8 week old is in the hospital with rsv, and today is our 4th day here. Last night was rough. He didn’t sleep at all and just seemed very uncomfortable. He really couldn’t breathe at all and was up every few hours and took a long time to put back to sleep. Eating seems like a huge struggle and he’s definitely not gained any weight since we’ve been here.

Yeah, overall it’s a pretty miserable experience here. The nurses seem to think that he might get to go home today, but yesterday the doctor said his lungs still sounded completely awful and that he wouldn’t go home until they were starting to sound better. So who knows.

The doctor said that Atlas “got hit with a happy stick” because even though he’s still smiling and trying to be happy, he feels completely miserable. That made me sad. I hate that he feels like this. It’s really awful.

For now, we wait until the doctor comes in, usually around 11am, and just try to get through it.

I miss my house, I miss my bed, I (kind of) miss my other kids (🤪) and I’m just ready for this nightmare to be behind us.

Last night was scary and I don’t want any more nights like that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…RSV sucks.

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