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Here we go…again. But I can do hard things.

So…therapy. Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

With my husband coming with me last night, I didn’t know exactly quite what to expect. It went fine, overall, but it stressed me out a bit. We talked about “boring” things that’s I always try to avoid…money, our relationship, the future…all that shit. It went well, but I just hate talking about anything stressful like that.

This morning has been crazy. Since the trauma of the weekend happened with all but one of my chickens getting killed, I had to order more chicks, and they are coming today. Like, right now. I got a call from the post office at 7:30 this morning saying that they were in, and I can pick them up when they open at 10.

Unfortunately for me, I have to leave my house at 10:30 on Wednesdays to get the kids to therapy on time, so that leaves me rushing around all morning trying to get things done. And I was definitely completely unprepared.

To be honest, at this stage of my pregnancy (27 weeks), I did not want to start all over again with baby chicks. I still have the ducklings in my room, but they will be going out within the next few weeks, and there’s only 3 of them. I planned on that, but I didn’t plan on having chicks and ducklings at the same time.

Another thing we talked about in therapy was sharing the workload more, how my husband wants to do more to help. But since I like control, and just like getting things done….that’s sometimes easier said than done. Plus, I really don’t like asking for help, so it’s just always a challenge.

Well, I’m currently sitting at the post office waiting on them to open for the next 5 minutes, and it’s probably the only 5 minutes of “down time” I’ll get all day.

I’m glad my husband came to therapy, and I’m glad that it went well. I do know that I need to accept his help more, and I know that I need to be less avoidant about the hard topics.

Avoidance is just…it’s easier. And I don’t like dealing with uncomfortable things.

But as my therapist is constantly reminding me…

I can do hard things.

Even when I don’t want to. And today, it’s just another day, and it will end, just the like the others.

And I’ll try to be gratefully for all of the little moments in between, where I can find the joy.

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