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A new day

The sun rises on another day. A day full of unknowns and questions, much like any other day.

I don’t know today will bring, I don’t know what emotions or events or feelings will come with it.

Last night went well, when tension turned to breakthrough. Things made sense in ways they haven’t before, I only hope they stick this time.

Life frequently makes no sense. It’s the lack of logic that often leaves me frustrated and hopeless. What makes sense and what is easy for me isn’t necessarily as easy for someone else.

I wish people could look at things the same way more often. Even if they’re looking at it from opposite sides, I wish we could still be looking at the same thing, hearing each other through the differences.

Life is fragile and it’s vulnerable. We need to make things easier on each other. It’s too easy to turn to anything less than at least compassion and understanding.

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