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The weekend away

The weekend is over, the retreat has finished, and I’m flying home now. Always my least favorite part of any trip, to be honest. Home isn’t exactly….a place I enjoy. Im struggling to find the words I need to talk about my weekend, how it went, how it felt…I’ve started a few posts and deleted …

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The feelings have hit, and today isn’t even the hard day. The real work starts tomorrow, but it all feels heavy already. I’m anxious about what’s to come, and about what I’m already feeling. Even here, I want to run. I want to run from the feelings and just avoid it. I sat in the …

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Let the healing(?) begin.

As I write this, I’m sitting on aim airplane awaiting takeoff. It’s the first flight of 2 I will take today. My husband is coming with me, but it isn’t really a trip for him. It’s finally retreat weekend, easily one of my favorite weekends of the year. This retreat is where myself, and other …

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