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We all have a story. All of our stories are worth telling and hearing. This is mine.

Forward is forward, no matter the pace

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Anxiety when it makes no sense. But really, if you look at it…it makes perfect sense. Anxiety when you feel useless. Anxiety when you don’t feel good enough. When you feel like no one cares. When all you feel is alone. Anxiety. Panic. Isolation.Fear. Whatever it feels like…whatever you call it…does it really matter? It’s …

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Dear adoptee, you’re not wrong.

The world has so many expectation of all of us. How we should feel, what we should do, who and what we should be grateful for… But don’t let the unrealistic, oftentimes uneducated view of the world tell you otherwise. You’re not wrong. You’re not wrong about any of it. You have the right to …

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What do I have to offer?

Lately I’ve been feeling so off. I feel disconnected from myself and my thoughts, and I just feel useless. Despite being a parent and taking care of my kids needs…I feel completely useless as a human being. Like I’m just not offering the world anything beneficial with my presence. Everything is hard right now and …

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