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We all have a story. All of our stories are worth telling and hearing. This is mine.

Forward is forward, no matter the pace

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When therapy goes…just right.

Here’s something I haven’t gone on record and said much over the past few months: therapy actually went really well last night. I wish I knew the difference, I wish I knew what caused the good vs the less than good sessions…but since I don’t, I’ll just accept it as they come and be appreciative …

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In sickness…And in health.

When my husband and I got married, we made promises to love each other no matter what. Through whatever life threw our way. That’s what you do when you get married, you promise to love the other person no matter what. You promise to love them in good time and bad times…. In sickness, and …

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Freedom looks different on all of us

Here in good ole America, it’s the 4th of July. A day you celebrate independence and freedom…or whatever. Current thoughts on that aside…yesterday, I was watching my son and really thinking about what that means, what independence means. I was watching my 5 year old son play outside yesterday and he started getting frustrated and …

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