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We all have a story. All of our stories are worth telling and hearing. This is mine.

Forward is forward, no matter the pace

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Fragile, but fighting.

Well, we did it. We finally got our power back on last night after 3 days in the dark. It was cold but we survived. I did not do well with my drinking goal last night. I’ve been struggling a lot with darker thoughts lately and I think because of that, I’m compensating by drinking…


Aside from the drama I’m about to tell you, I’ll fist start off by saying that we’re currently in an icy winter storm, and we’ve had no power since yesterday, and likely won’t for a few more days. Yaaaaaay Texas. Anyway. What I have yet to disclose or talk about, is that my mom was…

Forward is forward…

Last night, therapy went really well. First of all, it was beautiful and rainy and freezing…so, just my kind of weather. (Although my therapist would disagree about the near freezing temperature being perfect.) But aside from that, it was really productive and it felt good. I met my goal for the week of measuring drinks,…

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