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It’s nice when things goes well

When considering if it was a “good” therapy session or not, I usually ask myself one thing – if I left feeling better than I came. Now, how I feel about something isn’t necessarily an appropriate measurement of how successful something was or not, but it is a question I rely on a lot. Therapy …

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Don’t be an asshole

So I had a doctor appointment this morning at my high risk OBs office…but it wasn’t with my doctor who has overseen the entirety of my pregnancy. Instead, it was a doctor who knew nothing of me, nothing of my case, and clearly wasn’t even familiar with my chart. My husband was there with me, …

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When things just feel off

Well, this could be my last weekend still pregnant, and I was hoping it would be more…I don’t know. Enjoyable? Instead, it’s been basically a rough weekend, and that does upset me. My kids are being…ugh. It’s just not the best time here right now. My 3 year old is currently going through a phase …

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