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We all have a story. All of our stories are worth telling and hearing. This is mine.

Forward is forward, no matter the pace

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Hard time with the holidays

Thanksgiving is historically not my favorite day. I had a hard time with the holidays growing up because my home life was always very chaotic and tumultuous. Thanksgiving in particular I have a certain disdain for. I have a traumatic history with Thanksgiving, and I’ve always had a hard time accepting it and moving past …

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Maybe I’m starting to get it…

Therapy last night was…unexpected. It was exactly what I needed, and very unexpected. But it was so, so meaningful. I’ll give you a guess as to the topic of conversation – yup, alcohol. It started off rather normally, I was an anxious ball of nerves, I rambled about nothing that really mattered, and I tried …

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Why we resist self care

My husband is flawed. Simply because we are all flawed. He is not perfect, he is not infallible, he is not without flaw. But he is, however, loving and kind and caring. He is thoughtful and selfless and, when it matters most, I know I can count on him. It’s no secret that, as a …

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