Clinging to the thread

Well, I had a certain kind of emotional reaction to whatever it was that happened in therapy last night. And driving home was… Well, it was the kind of drive home where I absolutely blasted music, tried to drown out the suicidal thoughts, and halfway contemplated not going home. Therapy was fine. It wasn’t bad. …

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Progress is hard

Therapy last night, which is now back to its regular scheduled time of Monday nights, went well. We spent most of the 2 hours going over different DBT stuff and filling out a goals worksheet for the week. Different things to practice in terms of mindfulness and stuff. It’s a lot to take in and …

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Ignoring my feelings

Life has been an absolute whirlwind these past few weeks. My son starting school, my marriage being momentarily tumultuous, therapy being big and important and something I’m thinking about…just, like, having 3 kids in general… Yeah. I have more than enough on my plate to keep me busy and my mind occupied. However, something happened …

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