Feathered Friends

Here we go…again. But I can do hard things.

So…therapy. Let’s just jump right in, shall we? With my husband coming with me last night, I didn’t know exactly quite what to expect. It went fine, overall, but it stressed me out a bit. We talked about “boring” things that’s I always try to avoid…money, our relationship, the future…all that shit. It went well, …

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Wether or not you’re an animal person or not, I hope you can understand my pain and emotions about this. This morning, my husband and I went outside and found that out of my 13 chickens, 12 had been killed. I am absolutely devastated. We had predator proofed as much as anyone. High fences, chicken …

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Today, we lost one

One of the ways I cope with the instability…and overall shitiness of my reality, is to throw myself into loving and caring for…anything. I’ve got my husband and my two boys, but that’s not exactly enough sometimes. I have a tendency (which my amazing husband supports and lets me do with very few limitations) to….get …

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