The nightmares have returned

Nightmares are nothing new to me. For the majority of my life, I’ve suffered from then at varying intensities. They can be anywhere from a mild annoyance to completely life altering and causing me to be unable to sleep. It’s actually a big reason why I started drinking. If I drink enough, I don’t remember …

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One more Sunday

Dear weekend, I’m not quite ready for you to leave me just yet. You were too busy, too fast, too chaotic. If I could just have one more day, one more Sunday… I’m just not ready to move on yet. I’m not ready to meet Monday where it is. Sunday, you weren’t good to me …

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When therapy battles the hopelessness…even just a little.

It was another good night in therapy last night. It was productive, helpful, and maybe with just the slightest bit of emotion. The 2 hours I spend in therapy each week is easily the most important and meaningful part of my week. Especially now, with a new baby and less time to myself than ever …

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