A Little Broken, But A Smidge of Hope

Feeling off

I don’t feel like myself lately. Or, maybe, more accurately…I feel like a version of myself that I really, really hate. I’ve been feeling so disconnected from everyone lately. I feel disconnected from my husband, I’m not feeling that close, loving connection that I always desperately long for…and I’m feeling the same way with my …

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I don’t want to burden you, but thank you for being there.

It’s no secret that lately, I’ve been heading down a dark path. A path that I’m honestly trying to get off of. I’m working a lot harder in therapy and trying to stick to the goals we come up with, I’m being more open and honest…I opened up to my best friend about it… But …

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The nightmares have returned

Nightmares are nothing new to me. For the majority of my life, I’ve suffered from then at varying intensities. They can be anywhere from a mild annoyance to completely life altering and causing me to be unable to sleep. It’s actually a big reason why I started drinking. If I drink enough, I don’t remember …

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