Month: February 2023

Feeling off

I don’t feel like myself lately. Or, maybe, more accurately…I feel like a version of myself that I really, really hate. I’ve been feeling so disconnected from everyone lately. I feel disconnected from my husband, I’m not feeling that close, loving connection that I always desperately long for…and I’m feeling the same way with my …

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The introvert has left the building

First of all, today is a special day because it’s me and my husbands 7th wedding anniversary. So…yay for that❤️. But I’ll get back to that. Yesterday turned into a shitstorm quite quickly. After I wrote my post about having completely no energy, no spoons and just not feeling very okay at all…my son, once …

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Parenting is hard.

Atlas is 4 months old today. And out of all 3 of my kids…he has been by far the easiest the past 4 months. Life has been chaos and difficult and loud. There have been constant sleepless nights and way too many early mornings. Nights are going much better now, and he usually only wakes …

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