I miss you always, but today I missed you extra

Trying to have a different perspective

Lately, nights have been rough. I’ve fallen back into some old, bad habits. Two nights ago, I unintentionally picked a fight with my husband, around 11pm, when he was exhausted and all he wanted to do was go to sleep. When I woke up the next morning morning, I was still pretty upset about the …

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Opening up my heart…one inch at a time

I’m awake before the sun here in Florida this morning, and it’s travel home day. The hotel window overlooking my gorgeous view is fogged with humidity, as it is every morning. Still, I can see the sun making it’s way up and over the horizon. By some actual miracle, I was able to pack nearly …

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Overcoming unexpected triggers

The thing about trauma is that there’s always going to be certain triggers associated with it. Some will be obvious, like…fireworks are a certain kind of loud, and that might be triggering. Being alone in a room with a person you don’t know might be triggering. Being in a room with someone you do know …

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