When life gets to be too much

Oh, it has been a week. Between traveling, packing, floods and everything in between…it feels like life is specifically out to get me sometimes. Our kids brand new Physical Therapy clinic flooded over the weekend. We all feel terrible. They worked so hard on it, finally finished it, and it was absolutely beautiful and perfect, only for it to flood and completely destroyed just a few months later. They are devastated, as am I. So…needless to say, our schedule and routine has abruptly changed once again.

On top of that, one of their therapists tested positive for Covid last week, just to add some more fun into the mix. I am beyond stressed and overwhelmed.

The best part of it all is that we are supposed to be flying to take and “adults only” trip on Sunday. Between the chaos of the abrupt schedule change, concerns of covid and just the overall chaos my life is….I honestly just want to throw my hands up and give up.

This trip was supposed to happen last year, but we rescheduled it because of covid. Even just a month ago, we were confident this would be a “safe” trip, but now…well, I don’t have to tell you. I’m tired of hearing about it. I’m tired of talking about it, and I’m tired of worrying about it. I know you are too. I’m just so beyond ready to go back to…whatever normalcy is even possible at this point.

I’m trying to stay positive, I know how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to travel if I wanted to, and that isn’t something I’m taking for granted. (We are going to Disney, yes I’m leaving my kids behind, but they would be miserable. They’ll come next time!)

For now…I’m just trying to take everything one step at a time. I’m overwhelmed, exhausted, and just completely mentally drained. I need a break from my kids. They probably need a break from me too! 😂 Honestly, we all need a reset. A break from therapies, a break from stress, from worry, just…time to breathe.

There is so much anxiety surrounding travel. The guilt, the fear, the things out of my control, but a big part of me still feels like I need to let go. I know how to keep myself safe and protected, and will continue to be (obsessively) cautious.

If this post sounds whiny, I’m sorry. I guess I just sort of feel whiny. (That’s another reason I know I need to get away!) I just don’t feel great, and there are so many heavy things going on.

I’ll pull it together, I always do. But for today, I kind of just needed to vent.

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  1. Oh no, that sucks about the physio clinic!

    I hope you’re able to get some benefit out of the vacation. Disney seems like the kind of place that would be good about keeping up precautions.

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