My kids are creepy (In the best ways possible)

Today is day 6 in Disney World. Last night my husband, brother and I went to their new after hours party, the Boo Bash. We stayed in the Magic Kingdom until after midnight and had a great night.

As you might know, I have 2 boys, 4 and a half and 2 and a half.

Seriously guys, they can be the creepiest little things you’ve ever seen. Adorable, but creepy. They are (unhealthily?) OBSESSED with the Nightmare Before Christmas. My older son (C) started when he was like 2, and my younger son (P) never had a chance. He was born into the chaos. C knows every word to every song, and will sing (scream?) it every morning when he wakes up until we get him from his room.

My 2 year old walks around the house yelling “Halloween, Halloween!” over and over, and begging his older brother to sing. This same child also walks around the house yelling “I AM the pumpkin king!!!” It’s hilarious and creepy. (Have I mentioned, however, that my 4 year old thinks Toy Story has scary parts? Really dude?!)

Anyway, Jack Skellington is a daily household name for us. Last night at the Halloween event, they had multiple little parade type things (cavalcades) going on throughout the night.

They had a Nightmare Before Christmas themed one, and let me tell you. I probably looked ridiculous, because my husband was taking pictures, I was taking video on my phone and my GoPro, and we were unnecessarily hyped up. (Same thing for the Mickey cavalcade, but especially this one).

That was definitely my happy moment from yesterday. It felt like I was doing something for my kids, with my kids, even though they aren’t here. The pictures and videos will be replayed on loop for months, if not years. I’m incredibly grateful to have this break and not have to worry constantly about therapies and appointments and health and all the craziness…but I do miss them tons and it made me feel connected to them to get so excited about something that I know they would be freaking out about.

We’ve got a few more days here, but my brother is leaving tomorrow morning. Honestly, I’m kind of happy about it because it gives my husband and I a few days of solid closeness and bonding with just the 2 of us (my parents are obviously staying in another room).

I’m sad we’re on the back end of our trip, but I’m making priceless memories that will last forever. And I will continue making as many more as I can cram in.

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