Day 3 in the hospital. About as fun as it sounds

This is our third day in the hospital dealing with RSV, and I don’t think we’re don’t quite yet. It was a long and noisy night in the hospital, as they usually are, and I’m just ready for all of this to be over.

I’m glad we’re here and that Atlas is getting the care he needs, but it really sucks, and I wish he never got sick. I hate seeing him struggle so much.

The doctor is on his way in this morning to check our little guy out, but I suspect we’ll be here another day.

He’s having very deep retractions and working way too hard to breathe, so the respiratory therapist wanted to put him on oxygen. Since he’s, for the most part, holding his oxygen levels well, the nurse wanted to try a breathing treatment first and see if that helped and give him oxygen as a last resort.

He did okay overnight, but he pulled out his IV, so they just took it out. Since he’s eating well right now they didn’t need to replace it, which I’m super happy about.

My dad has been watching our other kids while we are stuck in the hospital, but my husband has been going back and fourth. He just left to go be with the boys while my dad goes to an appointment, so I’m on my own here for the next few hours.

It sucks being here, and I’m just over it. I have spent so many days trapped in the walls of this hospital, on this floor. All of the nurses keep asking if “I’ve been here before” because they all recognize me.

Yes, I’ve been here before with both of my other kids. We have frequent hospital stays.

And the nurses remember me.

I’m quite ready to be home now. I just wish he was okay. I hate this.

Breathing treatment
He was smiling at the mobile above him when I was getting him ready for bed.

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