The many faces of vacation, and finally a Butterbeer

Yesterday morning, as we were walking to the park, my husband sent me a picture of himself without a shirt on, showing me what is now a 6 pack he has going on. I proceeded to send him these pictures as a response. Because I can be cute too….or…something….

Am I cute? I’m cute, right?


If you made it to this part in the blog, thank you. I know no one wants to be looking at my…um…beautiful face at whatever time of day you’re reading this…but hey. We’re on vacation over here!

Yesterday was…mostly good. I say mostly only because it was cut short by rain. We headed back to our room by 1:30, after we ate lunch, and it ended up raining for most of the rest of the day, so we just stayed in our room. Which is…fine…it’s just not how I want to spend an entire half of a day.

But…it finally happened. I got my Butterbeer. And it was amazing and perfect and….😍

We rode lots of stuff in the early morning before it was too hot and too crowded. It was a good day, I just wish it were longer and that it wasn’t cut short by rain.

We didn’t have an official dinner because our lunch was rather huge and delicious, we ate at the brand new Minions Cafe. I got a pimento grilled cheese and green tomato soup.

It was good, no complaints about it. Fun theming and good food all around.

After we were sitting in the hotel room for a while, I got insanely bored and wanted to walk around the hotel. We did try to walk back to the parks, but it was actively raining, and no one felt like getting wet. Especially since we have a good amount of time here and aren’t pressed for time.

My brother and I ended up going to get a drink at the sushi bar in our resort. My drink was super good, but one that took about 2 and a half seconds to drink because it was so good. It was Ketel One vodka, raspberry, lychee prosecco, as described by the menu.

So we had our drink and headed back up to the room to hangout.

This morning was an early morning, I got my breakfast pastry and coffee (a typical morning for me, although usually a tad less sugary), and headed over to the park by 7:30am to line up for early admission to Islands of Adventure, which opens at 8am.

I’m currently writing this while in line to ride Hagrids Motorbike Adventure for the first time and I am sooo excited. It was listed as a 45 minute wait just as the park opened…but this ride is worth the wait.

We’re actually at the ride platform now and it’s only been 20 minutes. I’d call that a win!

Well it’s been a busy morning already, and it isn’t even 8:30 yet. Hopefully today is more action packed and I have less time to think.

That’s why last night sucked…I had too much time to think and be in my head. I let some bad memories in and just…yeah.

But we’re past all that now, and on to having another fun filled and magical day.

I’m just over here living my best Harry Potter life. Don’t worry about me. Time for another Butterbeer!

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