No Butterbeer yet, but an 8/10 day.

Goooooood morning! Yesterday, was day 1 of my trip to Universal. We started our day off checking into our hotel (the Lowe’s Royal Pacific), and headed over to Islands of Adventure.

We rode Spider-Man first, as an ode to my 4 year old…who is obsessed with Spider-Man right now. He’ll walk around in his Spider-Man pajamas and helmet (yes, bicycle helmet) all day and yell “it’s spidey time!” It’s really cute. I never thought I’d take the Spider-Man gift shop so seriously, but I suppose parenting does weird things to a person.

After that we rode Kong and the Jurassic Park ride, which is a water ride but I stayed completely dry. Not complaining, just weird. That never happens.

We met up with my brother and got lunch after that. The morning went really smoothly and we had great luck with the crowds. It got up to 94° yesterday, but coming from Texas where it’s easily 200° and on fire every single day, 94 wasn’t so bad. Plus, I had my hair up and was actually welcoming of the heat, which helped.

Lunch was at Mythos, one of our favorite restaurants on Universal property. I suggested (demanded) that we get the octopus to “share” as an appetizer, and then I got the scallops risotto for my entree. Both were as good as they sound. And if that doesn’t sound good to you…my dad said his cheeseburger was excellent. 😂

We went back to the room after lunch so my brother could unpack and get settled and so that I could pump. My right boob is acting like it’s never fed a baby before and has no idea what milk is or what it’s supposed to do, so that’s been awesome. 🤷🏻‍♀️

We went for dinner at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville at 5. Our family of 4 shared a huge nacho platter (it was 3700 calories for the entire thing. Insane. Pure insanity.) We get this every time we come here and it’s easily enough for all of us.

It was equally as delicious as it was disgusting. Only on vacation…am I right?

After dinner we headed into Universal Studios and had a pretty great night. We saw the new Minions Land briefly, rode the minions ride (which I hate, it has a HEAVY adoption theme and it freaking makes me cry every time so I look like an idiot fighting back tears on a damn kids ride).

Then we rode The Mummy!!! Ahhh that ride is so great. It’s an indoor roller coaster, but you wouldn’t know it’s an indoor roller coaster until you’re on it. I forgot how good that ride is. It’s probably one of my favorites. Also…how do you NOT love Brenden Fraser screaming for a cup of coffee at the end? Those are my kind of vibes.

After that, we ventured back into Diagon Alley and rode the Harry Potter ride, Escape from Gringotts. Another favorite. We did NOT get any Butterbeer yesterday, and so for that reason alone, yesterday was not a perfect day. 8/10 day for sure.

Today, we’re headed into Universal for another day of fun. It’s day 2 of 7 and I’m still feeling good. My hips are sore and my back hurts a little, but it definitely could be worse. No blisters yet, although I’m definitely feeling some hot spots that I’m trying to prevent from getting worse. My preventive measures have actually kind of made things worse.

So, that’s it. We’re walking over to the park now, it’s about a quarter mile walk from the hotel to the parks. Yesterday, we walked 20,000 steps, about 8.5 miles. Let’s see how we do today!

How I really feel vs how I’m trying to feel….😂

5 thoughts on “No Butterbeer yet, but an 8/10 day.”

  1. That sounds soooo awesome!! Wish I could have snuck in your bags and joined you. I love rides…. Have loads of fun!! And make many steps. 😉 You know I love steps haha.

      1. I’m at 22k steps today. But my fibro is acting up, so till bed time, I’ll mostly rest and watch TV… I hope you’ll have another amazing day at the park! 😁

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