A good day, taking the pressure off.

I’m putting it out there. Today is going to be a good day.

It’s Saturday, my husband is home, he’s helping out with the kids, I actually got to heat a hot meal this morning…everything feels okay.

For this moment, this hour, things feel good. My husband took the kids to the park this morning (ya know, before it gets to be literally 106° in a few hours), and it was nice to not have to drive anyone anywhere this morning, not have a school schedule to follow, and just…chill.

I did have horrific nightmares all night long about September 11th, but other than that…yeah. I’m flying to NY on September 11th this year, and it absolutely has to be that date. It couldn’t be a day sooner or later. And I absolutely have feelings about that. I lived on Long Island for the first 20 years of my life..so…yeah, that deserves its own post I suppose.

But other than my rough night. This morning has been good. And this weekend will be good.

I’m taking the pressure off right now. Who cares if things aren’t perfect. If actually, it’s all a mess. Who cares if things aren’t exactly, perfectly right.

My life is hard. It’s ALWAYS going to be hard.

But sometimes, just stepping back, taking off the pressure, taking a deep breathe and forcing a good day…that’s all you can do.

I have a lot of good things coming up within the next few weeks. Going to Florida, and then NY about 12 hours later…with an infant….at 3am….(that’ll be a fun morning 😳)

Today, I’m focusing on today. On what feels good (in a healthy way, not just drinking).

And right now, what feels good is allowing myself to have a good day. Regardless of what ever else is going on.

I deserve that. I deserve to allow myself to relax. Physically and mentally.

Even if just for a day.

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