Deserving of the seat at the table?

Last night, simply put, was magical.

I landed at 10am after an easy and uneventful flight, and got to our resort, the Coronado Springs, by 11:30ish. I was the first one there, got greeted by Malory, Katelyn and Sarah, and then headed up to my room to find a gift box and a gorgeous view.

View from our hotel room

I showered and grabbed a small snack for lunch before anyone else got there. People started arriving, and as they did, we sort of started forming a group and getting to know each other and socialize.

There’s no one I don’t like, and it’s been a really great time.

I’m desperately trying take take the advice I’ve been given to heart and to “let these people know me”…but it’s hard.

Despite the beauty and magic of the night, which I haven’t even gotten to yet, there have been difficulties…just within myself. The subtle differences I’ve noticed in some of the language we use (for example, a lot of them call their birth child “my son”, and I don’t. I say “my birth son”. So that’s something I’ve noticed that…hurts. But I’ll get back to those things.

Let’s talk fun.

We had dinner (a 7 course dinner!!!) at the California Grill on the rooftop of the Contemporary Resort. They poured the wine and brought the food, over and over, and it was SO FREAKING GOOD.

I’m a foodie. There’s verryyyy little that I won’t eat or don’t enjoy. So this was perfect for me.

We also had a special guest join us for dinner…..MINNIE MOUSE!

So we got some pictures with her and I took a video for my kids so they had a nice surprise when they woke up this morning.

I’m writing this as I’m walking throughout Animal Kingdom, so it’s hard to gather my thoughts.

We ended the night with a rooftop fireworks viewing of Happily Ever After (the fireworks show) but I won’t post a video of that, because tonight’s viewing will be even better.

The most emotional part of the night was when Katelyn started talking, and she told us how we deserve a seat at the table. We are worthy. We deserve to be here. And we are loved.

That was meaningful.

To hear the they think us, birth moms, are worthy.

I don’t know. It’s the little things.

It’s been a truly magical time so far, and last night was elegant and beautiful.

Here’s my awkward 2 handed selfie of what I wore…hah. Me trying to look nice without wearing an actual dress. Always a good time.

I’m sure I’ll have better and more elegant words once I have some time to process, but night one was amazing. Difficult at time for me, but worth it.

And we do deserve a seat at the table. Even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

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