A bad day isn’t an excuse for a bad night.

Today was a fucked up day. And sometimes, there’s simply no other way to put it than that.

It was not a good weekend…and I anticipated it to be as such. However, I did NOT anticipate it to be the actual absolute shit storm that it was.

But sometimes, special needs parenting be like that.

Take it in stride and move on.

I have to say, as fucking hard as today was, I’m really proud of myself. I didn’t let a damn thing get to me. I rolled with the punches. I never once lost my cool.

I let my husband discipline for the most part, I took a step back, and I just….I made it my goal to not let anything get to me.

Coming into the weekend, I knew it would be rough. It was the perfect storm. Sick, sleep deprived kids. And my…challenging…child being put on steroids on top of it? Yeah. I knew.

It was worse than I imagined, but still within the realm of possibilities I could anticipate.

I’ve been struggling a lot more with substance use lately. Something that deserves its own post and its own honest, vulnerable moment.

Tonight, my goal was to get “properly fucked up”.

And I have.

And now I’m telling myself to rein it in. Don’t let this night get away from you.

It was a bad day. A bad weekend.

But that isn’t an excuse.

It’s not an excuse to make bad decisions now.

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