Day 3: Hollywood Studios

Today we started early in Hollywood studios. The day isn’t over yet and we are on our way to dinner at the Wilderness Lodge, but it’s been a busy day.

Throughout this whole trip I’ve been really trying to focus on small moments of true happiness, without the guilt, or sadness or anxiety or any of that.

It’s definitely hard for me to find moments like that, harder than it should be, and they are definitely few and far between. Not that I’m not happy to be here sort of thing, it’s just that feeling of happiness and nothing else is hard to come by.

When we arrived at the park we got on our first ride, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. It’s a new ride and we’d never been on it, so it was was sort of an anticipated moment. It felt like something that resembled happiness. My husband and I built a lightsaber at Savi’s, and rode more new Star Wars rides. It was a great day and we haven’t even seen close to all of it yet.

When we got back to the room mid day for a break, I was being my (lovingly, in the best way possible) obnoxious “little sister“ self and just messing with my brother and my husband. We were all laughing and having fun like always used to when we’re together. That was definitely a good moment from today, and although I don’t think I realized it in the moment, that probably was a genuinely happy and lighthearted few minutes.

Tonight we are headed back to the Magic Kingdom and it will likely end in fireworks. For some reason, fireworks make me weirdly emotional. I don’t know why. Im also on a mission for some very hard to find gifts and souvenirs. I like the focus that provides. If I find it, I know I’ll feel successful and happy, and it’ll give my mind something to focus on in the meantime.

For today, I feel okay. And I think that’s a big win for me. Okay is definitely an improvement.

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