A guilt free, stress free Saturday

Today is the last weekend before Christmas. When our house will fill up and the chaos begins, once again.

As much as I….feel…about Christmas…(yay, go joy..?) I’m also a bit dreading it. The constant noise and chaos and, well, you know.

Every weekend for the past few months has been filled with trying to accomplish something to make my kids smile. My husband takes them out for a few hours so I can get a “break”, but really I just end up spending my time doing things for them. Like decorating, or building a train set or doing something fun in their rooms, wrapping the seemingly endless amount of gifts for everyone… it seems like I get anything but a break.

What I actually get is time. The time to do the things I haven’t had time to do all week. And that’s great, there’s a place for that and an absolutely need for that.

But today, the time I’m gifted is unapologetically going to myself. There will be nothing that needs doing more than giving myself a MUCH needed mental break.

I’m like…the textbook definition of an introvert. I require time to myself…quiet time to myself, to function. And with Christmas being next week…well, there’s going to be extremely few opportunities to recharge.

Today is for me, so that next week can be for them.

Like I said, there’s nothing that needs doing more than resting and recharging myself for the absolute chaos that next week will bring.

And today, I won’t feel guilty about it.

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