Don’t be an asshole

So I had a doctor appointment this morning at my high risk OBs office…but it wasn’t with my doctor who has overseen the entirety of my pregnancy.

Instead, it was a doctor who knew nothing of me, nothing of my case, and clearly wasn’t even familiar with my chart. My husband was there with me, which I’m really glad about, because she was an asshole for real.

First of all, she lied about multiple things, and I wasn’t shy about (respectfully) calling her out on it. She said that my doctor didn’t message her about me, when I KNOW she did because I was in the office when she did it. So she had no idea what we were even there to discuss.

Then, she actually lied about the literature that existed about my particular disease. My regular OB, my high risk OB and my neurologist have ALL told me (and I’ve looked myself) that there is NO literature about my disease and pregnancy. There is, however, documented cases of other types of muscular dystrophies and the permanent progression of symptoms that takes place.

But this doctor literally tells us that “pregnancy doesn’t interact with my condition” …when 3 other doctors have directly told me otherwise. I guess she read some made up literature that no one else has ever seen.


Go ahead and tell my wasting muscles that pregnancy doesn’t interact with it.

She was condescending and rude and acted like I was full of shit.

She also said that my regular high risk OB never said that she wanted to induce me early…when it’s quite literally right there in the last note she wrote, along with the note that my regular OB wrote just days ago IN THE MESSAGE SHE SENT HER recommending that I be induced now!

Like, did you read a single note from any of my other doctors???! Because there’s 2 of them, right there.

The note that doesn’t exist. 🙄

Look. I’ve been dealing with this shit for my entire life. I’ve dealt with rude doctors, doctors who have lied and told me shit that just isn’t true, I’ve dealt with it all.

But don’t sit there and be an asshole and be condescending to me when you literally don’t know a single thing about me or my case.

I’m pissed off because I don’t like being lied to or treated like I’m less than, or stupid. I’m not stupid, and I am more knowledgeable about my condition than you are.

Most of the doctors on MY care team are great and genuinely care. And for them, I am SO grateful.

I knew I was seeing this doctor this morning, and my husband and I were both unhappy going into it. We’ve had conversations on the phone with her before when my other doctor was out, and she acted the same way then. So we were prepared, and not surprised.

But it’s still upsetting. I’ve been treated poorly medically for most of my life. And this just…it still hurts.

I’m 37 weeks now, and have had a lot of contractions since yesterday. I had my last son at 38 weeks, so I know I’m not far off. But it’s upsetting to be treated poorly by someone who doesn’t know me, yet thinks they know my condition.

I see my regular OB on Thursday, so I’ll talk to her more about it then.

Until then, we wait. I have therapy tonight, which I’m glad about.

It will be nice to go there and hopefully not feel like shit. And to come home feeling better than I left.

But seriously, just don’t be an asshole. Don’t treat people as less than. I don’t care who you are…it’s not that hard to be decent.

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