Rolling with the punches…

Things are just…they are really just kind of wow right now.

First of all. The kids are sick AGAIN. I swear we’ve been home for weeks without going anywhere so I don’t even know how it’s possible. I’m annoyed and frustrated and exhausted.

This whole week has been a shit show. My mom found out her bother died right before Christmas. Then, yesterday, she had an mri that showed that she has a few “suspicious” looking spots in her breast and lymph node. She’s going for an ultrasound today and then will probably need a biopsy.

My mom having cancer would be devastating. Her and my dad now have to make an 18 hour road trip to clean out my uncles apartment and take care of the funeral arrangements. I feel so bad for them. And now her health scare ok too if all of this?

It’s just one thing after another. Things keep coming up and happening and there’s nothing I can do about any of it.

Us being sick and having colds on top of it all is just laughable. My poor brother. His visit is right in the middle of an actual shit show.

Despite all of it, we are having a good time together. My husband, brother and I are all close and get along really well. Him coming to visit us and hang out is my favorite part of the holidays.

I’m doing my best with drinking, but right now, and hope at cutting back is out the window. I did try harder last night and drank a little less than I have been, so maybe that’s good. But when it’s late at night and the kids are finally asleep and we’re hanging out watching comedy videos…why would I want to be sober?

I’m trying to find joy in all of the moments that I can. Despite the mess, there is still some fun to be had.

So I’m just going to focus on those moments while the madness happens around me.

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