More questions than answers

Last night at like 8:30pm, we got a text from the realtor.

“We’re still in negotiations with the neighbor who is trying to buy the whole 7 acres and the barn
She (the seller) wont take less than $150k for 3 acres
We’re only $3k apart as far as that goes
And we’re not saying no to selling 3 acres off
But we wont have a definite answer until end of the week”

That’s a lot of information that doesn’t help me at all. UGH.

First of all…the neighbor???! What? IM the neighbor! My house literally shares a border with the property. What?

We live out in the country…there’s not that many of us. My aunt and uncle are another neighbor, the love next to us…I don’t know. I’m confused. Am I battling with someone else who lives nearby? Why would a “neighbor” want more land that wasn’t attached to them in some way? Maybe we should figure that out and like…come to an agreement? I really don’t know.

I’m fine to pay the 150. I obviously want to pay less, but I’m not going to nickel and dime anyone at this point.

You’re still in negotiations with someone else, but you’re not saying no???

And why will it take until the end of the week to decide anything? I’m ready to go! Take my money! Let’s get it done!

I’m literally just so confused. There’s a lot to break down in that one text.

For now…I guess I’ll just wait. I really don’t know what’s better, to allow myself to have hope, only to possibly be crushed and destroyed?

Or to assume the worst, assume it’s a no, not have my hopes up, and maybe it’s hurts a little less in the end?

I really don’t know.

It’s out of my hands. Whatever it is it is. Another thing I have no control over.

She says as the chorus of screams and fighting around her from her sons drives her closer and closer to insanity

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