Vacation time!!! Universal Orlando day 1

Yesterday, my birthday and travel day, was freaking chaotic and stressful, but ended on a high note.

We officially made it to Orlando after quite the ordeal. Our first flight, originally scheduled for 10:26am, didn’t depart until 1:05pm. Our second flight was SUPPOSED to depart at 1:58. But, they decided to be 20 minutes EARLY…and departed at 1:40. We got to the gate, after basically sprinting through the airport, at 1:35. But the doors were closed, and even though the plane was still there, they wouldn’t let us on. UGH.

They were able to get us on the next flight out at 3pm, but still. It was a bummer. I’ve never missed a flight before. And even though it wasn’t our fault, it’s still annoying. And we did technically make it…they closed the doors early. Assholes. (Just kidding.)

I was in a pretty grumpy mood at that point. Well, not even grumpy. Just more like eh, I don’t give a shit anymore. It is what it is. Just very blah.

I spent $13 on a “veggie” sandwich that was literally 90% bread, some shredded carrot, and ONE slice of zucchini and squash each. Lol what? Are you serious? Now, I’m not one to bat an eyelash or think twice about things like that usually…but come on. That was bad. So I ate my $13 bread for lunch for my birthday and just said eff it. It is what it is.

We finally got to Orlando at 6:45pm, and made it to our hotel for the night at like 7:30. My dad convinced me and my mom to stick to the original plan of going to Boston Lobster Feast for my birthday, which we had been planning, but it was late and I was just over it.

But we walked over there anyway, and I’m really glad we did. It was like 8:30 by the time we got there (I usually eat at like 4 or 5, so it was super late by my standards). It’s a seafood buffet with unlimited lobster and whatever else you can think of. I ended up eating 4 lobsters, and my mom ate 3. My dad doesn’t eat seafood but they had plenty of options for him too.

Looking super cute after a long day of travel and lobsters

It was a long day. And my boobs felt like they were going to explode by the end of it because I hadn’t pumped in like…9 hours. So that was fun.

But we just drove over from our hotel to where we’ll be staying the rest of the trip at the Lowe’s Royal Pacific. We’re heading to Islands of Adventure this morning after we check in, we’re in line to do that now. My brother will meet up with us later this morning, and I’m hoping for a good day.

It’s officially vacation time. We did it. We’re here.


It’s 8:50am, and not only were our rooms ready, but we got upgraded to a water view!!! Wooo! So glad our room is ready. Off to a great start.

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