Staying positive, even when things are hard

I had therapy last night, despite the odds of school starting and everyone starting to get sick again. Miraculously, my son hasn’t brought anything home yet. Which is actually shocking.

It went well and it felt positive and productive, which is something that I desperately needed.

Despite my life being…my life, and just genuinely hard in general…I do have some good things coming up. In just 2 weeks, imm be going on my trip to Disney that I was chosen for, along with 13 other people. And I am just beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Immediately after I get home from that (literally, like 11 hours after I get home), I’m going to visit my best friend who I haven’t seen in years with my husband and 10 month old.

And again, I am just so excited.

Traveling is good for me. It helps me get where I want to be and reach my goals. It helps me have something to look forward to, and keep my outlook positive. I always drink less leading up to a trip, and it just has a really positive effect on me.

Last night in therapy, after talking about a lot of things that are really hard and challenging, she asked me “what’s going right”.

And I said “we’ll my trips coming up and my relationships with people are pretty good right now”. And she was like…genuinely shocked. Because, I guess for the first time ever, I actually answered her question without being sarcastic or joking or negative or whatever.

So she was pretty excited about that. See? I don’t totally sucks all the time.

Things are hard. That’s just my life. It always will be hard. That’s the reality I live in, my past coupled with my reality of raising 3 special needs children. It won’t ever get easier.

But I can allow myself to feel happy in the happy moments.

Like right now, writing this, with my baby sitting in my lap, looking up and smiling at me.

That’s a happy moment. And not one that I want to miss out on.

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