I’m alive, I have new trauma, and the adventure continues!

Last night was the single most intense and terrifying night of my life. I was absolutely sure I was going to die.

Let me back up.

First of all, it was a great night! It was fun and a whole vibe and just…a good night. (I know, what the fuck am I talking about. Right? Don’t worry, we’ll get there.)

Last night, my husband and I drove to Dallas, a good hour and a half drive without traffic, 103 miles, to see a concert! We went and saw our favorite band, All Time Low!!!

Now, if you’ve been following along for a while now, you may be thinking “wait, didn’t you just go see them play live?”

Yes, yes I did. When I went to NY to visit my best friend, we saw them in the city on September 12th. And THAT night was the definition of magical and amazing. (Even when I literally fell into a pile of NYC trash and literally smelled of trash for the next 3 blocks). Yeah. That night is filled with nothing but the best memories and a full heart. And there’s absolutely nothing better in the world than sharing those moments with your best friend. Truly.

But I didn’t get a certain shirt at the merch table, and as soon as I picked a different one and didn’t get the one I initially wanted…it was instant regret. ESPECIALLY once the lead singer came out on stage WEARING that shirt. Ahhh I was crushed.

That show was only the third date on their tour, so when we got home, a few weeks later, I asked my husband if he wanted to go see them again when they came to Dallas. Obviously, he agreed, and we got tickets.

Listen guys, I am a HUGE and massive introvert. I hate events with lots of people there. I hate even more, events with lots of people that are absolutely drunk or whatever else. So you KNOW it’s a big deal in the first place that I’m even going to something like this. But, yeah. They’re important to me. They really are.

We got there just fine, beautiful weather despite an iffy forcast. We stopped for Whataburger on the way, which is crazy for me. I don’t allow eating in my car, yet this was my request. So it was kind of a big deal.

The concert was amazing, I GOT my freaking shirt (🙌🙌) and it was a good night.

So…..what the fuck happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. As the show was ending, before they played their last song, Alex (the lead singer) let us know that the weather outside was actually a bit ridiculous and it was storming and tornado warnings and all that and to be safe driving home. Yeah, we knew the weather was forecasted to rain.

But holy. fucking. shit.

It didn’t just rain.

For as absolutely zero rain that we got all summer long here in Texas, it rained enough last night on our drive home to make up for ALL of that.

It was so bad. I can’t even explain it. It took us over 2 hours to get home. And you don’t even understand.

There was ZERO visibility. It was like…you know how when you go through a drive through car wash, and there’s soap on your car and then they rinse it and you can’t see a damn thing out of your windshield for a while? It was like that. For the ENTIRE 103 mile drive.

My husband was driving, and I just…I can’t.

We should’ve died. There’s no fucking reason we should be here right now.

It was so bad that we couldn’t even SEE an exit to pull over even if we wanted to. Everyone was driving with their flashers on, we were driving like 30-40mph in a 75…oh, and did I mention we didn’t even leave the venue until 10:15pm?

The roads were flooded, we literally could not even see the lines on the road. It was the single most terrifying night of my entire life. I was so anxious I actually thought I was going to throw up. I wanted to pull over so badly, but it wasn’t safe to do that.

The ONLY thing we could do was to stay behind a truck just close enough so that we could follow their lights. If we could see the lights on a truck in front of us, we knew we were probably in a lane.

This was the text exchange I had with my dad last night. Because I was ACTUALLY convinced we were going to crash. Like, I was extremely positive.

We finally made it home just before 1am. At that point, my heart rate was probably about 200bpm, and my husband was starting to battle a migraine.

I’ve never been more grateful to make it home alive. I can’t even articulate how bad it was. It was really, really that bad. Worse than you’re picturing even. And it just never let up. Not once did it get a little better, not even for a minute.

I literally have some new trauma from last night. Like…I’m legitimately not okay. And I never want to drive if there’s even a forecast of rain ever again.

The show was amazing. And I’m glad we went. I got my shirt, I saw my absolute favorite band, and I got to make…a lot of new memories. And it was a good time. But holy shit. If I already hated driving to Dallas, which I did, I have an entire new level of hatred and fear of it.

The shirt I almost died for. Forever will it be my favorite shirt.

So, the good news is that I’m still alive. I have no business being here right now, and there were no safe options last night other than to follow the fucking lights in front of us. Couldn’t pull over. Couldn’t exit….because we couldn’t see the exits. We saw a lot of crashes and a lot of cars off the road.

I think I’ll spend today being grateful for my existence on this planet. And listening to the music that makes it all worth it.

Holy shit you guys, holy shit.

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    1. So, I found your comment! It went to my spam folder? Because that makes a ton of sense, right? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. That’s super frustrating, I had an issue with that a few months ago 😡 so annoying.
      But yes. I am glad we didn’t die. It was seriously intense.

  1. We’ve had crazy rain too! I am paranoid of it, because at my old job, I once had a car stall out and start floating on a flooded street. My team came out in a truck to rescue me!

    Ugh, glad you are okay!

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