Not your typical Monday, and the long awaited introduction

Well, in NOT so typical Monday fashion…I’ve been asked to cancel my day today.

A typical Monday for me looks like, dropping my son off at school, dealing with the 2 younger ones at home, then picking my son up early from school, taking all 3 kids to therapy (one has OT, one has PT, and one has speech)….coming home from that, dinner, bedtime…then off I go to my own therapy.

Yeah. Mondays are no joke. And that’s just a typical one. Oftentimes, I have some sort of medical appointment I fit in right after school drop off and before nap time.

This Monday, however…I’ve been asked to cancel. And I did. Mostly. I canceled everything but my own therapy…and that’s something I refuse to give on.

My brother is visiting from out of town…and he’s bringing his friend, girlfriend…I’m not sure what to call her…with him. He’s known her for…idk…10+ years now? I honestly don’t know. Around that, though.

And we’ve never met her.

None of us have.

No one in my entire family had.


At first, they were “just friends” , and he stayed insistent on that fact for years. I believed him, I know he wasn’t lying, but we all know his feelings were deeper than that.

Anyway, long story short, a story that both isn’t mine to tell, and a story that I don’t know 100% of the facts in…..we’re going to meet her.

For the first time. Ever.


As far as I know, they’re “officially” dating…and it’s been a long ass time coming.

My brother and I are very close. We always have been. He’s 6 years older than me, and growing up the way we did…in a fucked up home life situation, we were kind of all each other had. We’ve stayed close over the years and still have a really good relationship.

I’m definitely nervous for meeting his girlfriend(?) today, for a lot of reasons.

Because of the way we grew up…yeah, I technically had a sister…but she was every kind of abusive there was, ruined my life, tortured me and everyone around her…etc, etc. So I just always had this vision that whoever my brother ended up dating or marrying one day would kind of just…take that role.

That sister role. And she’d be my really close friend, and we’d all have this close and great relationship. But that didn’t happen. Because I’ve never met her. And it feels like there’s just so much pressure now. Obviously, I want her to like me, but she isn’t just meeting me today, she’s meeting our entire family.

Yeah, no pressure for her either.

I know my brother is freaking out and anxious about the situation, but it’ll be good.

So, yeah. That’s my day. They should be getting here around 11 or 12, we’re going to carve a lot of pumpkins, go out to dinner, and then just hang out.

My parents do not yet know that I’m still planning on going to therapy tonight. They definitely won’t love that…but I don’t care. I can go away for a couple hours and it won’t be the end of the world.

Wish me luck that my kids aren’t absolute maniacs that scare her away! They probably will be. But that’s ok.

(By the way, Atlas is finally starting to act like himself again after a rough and scary few days. Finally!)

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    1. Not me, panic cleaning last minute (even though I spent all day yesterday doing that) and freaking out about the smallest of things 🙃🙃🙃
      Using my last 45 minutes wisely. 😂

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