How much is too much?

When your “few nights a week” turns into every night, is it starting to be too much?

When your typical 2 drinks a night turns into 3, is it too much then?

What about when your (now typical) 3 drinks a night are getting stronger and stronger, is it too much now?

When your drink of choice is getting higher in proof, but your body fails to notice (or just doesn’t care), is it past the point of too much?

When the end of the night comes and you’re beyond the point of caring and you’re drinking straight from the bottle, is it getting too late to come back from?

When there are too many nights you could have, should have, died, how much longer are you willing to push it?

How much worse could it get?

When you realize you’re in a hole, when you realize you’ve dug too deep, when you realize you can’t stop even if you wanted to. When you’re just as physically dependent now as you are emotionally. The poison exists within your bloodstream. When your body doesn’t know how to exist without it.

What options are you left with? Is anybody still around? Have you pushed them all away? Were you too much for them? Do you blame them?

Is it bad enough to ask for help? Is it enough of a problem to admit that it’s a problem? At what point do you choose living over poison?

Have you had enough yet?

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