Remember why you’re here, remember why you’re fighting

That’s the thought that’s rattling around in my head this morning. Remember why you’re here, remember why you’re fighting.

It can be so, so easy to forget why. And to give in to the never ending, negative, intrusive thoughts. It’s hard to fight when you’re just so fucking tired of it all.

But it’s in those moments when we feel the weakest that we need to remember, or try to remember, why we’re here. Why we’re doing what we’re doing.

I’m fighting for my kids. Because right now, they need me. And maybe one day they won’t, but for today, they do. I’m fighting for hope. Because even though it can be hard to find…I still want to believe that it exists. I’m fighting for love. Because in a world where so many of us are so lonely, I believe in the healing power of love. And I’ll always fight for that. On my loneliest nights, I’ll always keep fighting for that feeling of love.

I want to live in a world where I can feel truly happy. Maybe not all the time, but at least sometimes. So maybe, I’m fighting to hold on because I want to experience happiness.

Today is a little bit tough, and I’m left searching for the reasons to stay strong. Truthfully, I feel weak. I’m tired and weak and just really kind of over it. But I need to fight. I won’t give up.

Not yet, not today.

I can make it through today. No matter how exhausted I feel.

And so can you.

Keep fighting, keep looking for your reasons. You are stronger than you think.

And you can choose hope. I promise.

8 thoughts on “Remember why you’re here, remember why you’re fighting”

  1. 💪🏼 That’s a very good reason to keep fighting! So much love to give, and receive, and it’s such a powerful feeling. You’re not alone, even if your mind wants you to feel that way. Sending big hugs across the big pond! 🤗

  2. You know when i first started my blog an email came to me as,” you are writing such a useless blog as it will never give you any benefit , you will never have any follower and blah blah ”
    First i disappointed but then i thought to prove him wrong. Now i have almost 18 followers (Good than nothing) and hope to have more

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