Wether or not you’re an animal person or not, I hope you can understand my pain and emotions about this.

This morning, my husband and I went outside and found that out of my 13 chickens, 12 had been killed. I am absolutely devastated.

We had predator proofed as much as anyone. High fences, chicken wire on top of the fence so it would be too floppy for a big animal to climb over, chicken wire dug underneath so no predators could climb in…

You don’t understand. I’m simply fucking broken over this. I have raised every single one of those chickens since they were a day old. I raised them in my house, in my bathroom, and taken care of them every single day for the first few months of their life. Some of them were 5 years old, others just a few months.

And they all just fucking got killed. All but one of them, and my 3 big ducks. The ducks knew to stay in their pond, which thank god we built large enough for them to be safe from predators. We think our chicken that survived jumped in the pond too, because she was soaking wet.

Now we have 1 chicken, the 3 big ducks, and the 3 ducklings I have inside.

This has never happened to me. Yes, we’ve lost one, maybe 2 at a time to predators, and every single time it’s happened I upped my security and tried to shore it up so it wouldn’t happen again. And we haven’t lost anybody in nearly 2 years because of it.

But never. Never. Has anything ever taken out an entire flock.

I feel physically sick right now. And I really can’t believe this happened.

My girl French Fry. Before she moved outside.
Buckbeak. She was one of my favorites and loved when I held her.
Miss Frizzle on the wire, Splash I’m the ground. And our black silkie, who I called “Silkie Girl”, because that stuck more than her name did.
Splash, Buckbeak, French Fry, Miss Frizzle, Silkie Girl, Rita, and Jubilee.
Our miracle survivor, Jubilee.

8 thoughts on “Devastation.”

  1. Ow no, that’s horrible 😭 any idea how the predator has been able to get in, even with all the security measures you already had taken?
    I’m so sorry for your loss 🤗

    1. I’m pretty sure it climbed over the fencing. Because the heavier gauge fencing with the chicken wire on top was bent. I would think raccoon, but I just don’t know if a raccoon would’ve gotten that many of them… 😭
      We’re putting a game camera up today. I don’t care how much it costs, I’m sick of this.

      1. Ow no 😔 I hope you’ll be able to mend it and make it better. But it won’t bring back the lost little souls. 😔 I’m so sorry for this huge loss… I know how much you loved all your animals.

    1. Those were the baby chicks from April 😭😭😭 the ducklings I just got last week are still inside. But everyone else..😫

  2. I’m so sorry about this! It happened to a friend of mine years ago. It was actually a pack of dogs from a neighbor down the road, who went on a killing spree for the joy of it, chasing down and killing all but 2 of her ten ducks, as well as two rabbits that I think died of fear in their knocked-over cages. I went over to help her bury the animals that died, and I’ll never forget it. Really heart-breaking.

    1. Ugh, that’s heartbreaking. I’m sorry to hear that. It really does hurt. Especially when you raise them from babies like that.

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