Grateful for moments of peace

I had a hard day. A really hard day.

Because my damn kids woke up me again at 3am (because my 4 year old is actually feral), and I didn’t really sleep much after that. They then decided (again, mostly my 4 year old) to trash the room with toys and puzzles and crayons. And decided that “cleaning it up isn’t their job!”

That turned into an all day project.

So…I was tired, my kids were tired, and it was just a long day.

Then a DME rep came to set up cough assist devices for my 6 and 4 year olds (they have a neuromuscular condition which means they can’t always cough effectively). So that was…something.

Then the baby accidentally had a 5 hour wake window (as opposed to 2-3 hours, which is age appropriate). Oops. But that’s just the way the schedule worked out.

But….my day is now done. It’s 6pm. All the kids are asleep, I didn’t have to yell and struggle through bedtime for 2 hours, I’m sitting here watching baseball with my husband and drinking coffee, I’m thinking about my trip to Disney in September coming up that I was selected for…and I’m just feeling…kind of good.

In therapy we’re working on mindfulness. And in this moment, it feels good. And I don’t want to take that for granted.

The day started out really hard.

But it ended up ok. Right now is okay.

So, the moral of the story is…

Keep your baby awake for 5 hours, make sure your other kids are sleep deprived from the night before…and you too can have a good night. 🙃

Of course, we’ll all probably be up at 3am again tonight, courtesy of my wild 4 year old adjusting to a new routine…..

But we’re focusing on the good.

And it feels so freaking good to have a moment that feels good like this. No matter how fleeting it may be.

6 thoughts on “Grateful for moments of peace”

    1. I figure I’m not feeling positive too often, so I better take advantage of it and write about it while I can!!
      He absolutely is wild. There’s simply no reasoning with him. He’s lucky he’s very cute 🙃

  1. Keep your baby awake for 5 hours, make sure your other kids are sleep deprived from the night before…and you too can have a good night. 🙃

    keep going!!👍🌼😂

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