A new journey, finding hope.

A few years ago, I made the decision to start sharing my life again. I started writing, I started blogging, and I started getting more involved in the online community here on WordPress.

I’ve made some genuine, real friends, I’ve gained perspective, and it’s been nothing but good. I have no intention to stop blogging anytime soon, it’s been everything I’ve needed it to be.

Lately, as I’ve mentioned quite a bit, I’ve been feeling like I need to do something new and different, or just…I don’t know. Bigger?

My husband and I, for a few years, have always joked about starting a YouTube channel. What it would be, what we would call it, what we’d do, things like that.

Well, yesterday, I got sick of talking about it. And I just did it.

I started the channel.

My husband took the kids out to therapy, I created a new channel, and I hit record.

The Business of Better Endings.

Now, granted, that first video was pretty rough. It was shot on my MacBook webcam with a 720p max quality, meanwhile, I had my nice 4k Sony camera about 2 feet away from me. But, like I said. I just felt like I needed to get started. I needed to hit record.

Then, last night, we shot our first official video on our actual camera, with both of us. And I just posted that this morning.

Putting myself on camera is so cringe. I hate it. I have some pretty low self worth and literally zero confidence. So actually doing this is a pretty big deal.

But it is something we’re excited about. I think it will improve our communication, I think it will give us something to do together, and I think it will just overall have a positive impact on our lives.

Just doing something new, something different and fun…

I’ve been making videos my whole life. I’ve filmed and documented everything we’ve ever done. But I’ve never done anything with it, I’ve never published it.

Maybe this is the change we need. With everything else that’s going on, I think having this thing…having this project that we can do together…it’ll be good.

I plan on it being a very uplifting, positive and encouraging channel. Along with it being informative from a physical health and fitness perspective, and of course entertaining and funny!

I’m excited to share this with you guys, even though it’s terrifying. I do hope you want to follow along with us (and subscribe) (shameless plug, I’m so sorry, I had to 😂).

No, but truly. This is something I want to share with you guys, because you (whoever you beautiful people are who follow along with me on here) really do know me better than most people do. You know the deepest parts of me.

And this is just another perspective into my crazy life. I’m excited for you to see me own personal growth in this way.

I’m excited and terrified.

But I’m hopeful.

And having hope means everything. Having something I’m actually passionate about, somewhere to put more creative energy…it can only be a good thing.

So let’s go on this journey together and just see where the heck it goes.

As I’ve mentioned before, my middle name is Alana, which I have always written under. But my first name is Jackie, which I go by in the videos.

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      1. 🤣🤣🤣 omg no. Other than holding an 8 month old and having him swat at my hands while I get things done, I have no excuse for that 😂
        I would’ve noticed that eventually, but thank you. 😅

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