One of those weeks

Sometimes, special needs parenting is really fucking hard.

This is one of those weeks.

My 6 year old had a seizure a few nights ago, he has an appointment to be seen Thursday morning.

Obviously it’s scary for all of the reasons you might expect. But his behavior has been freaking atrocious since then. It’s probably related. His therapist said that having a seizure can definitely affect behavior, and for up to a week, they can be “off”.

That’s definitely what we’re experiencing right now.

Things are hard right now. Harder than it seems like they ever have been. For so many reasons.

Therapy last night went well. Certainly no shortage of things to talk about. I guess that’s what happens when I miss a week and go away on vacation.

We worked on a new drinking goal, because my next trip, the Disney trip that I was selected to go on with 13 other birth moms, is in 49 days. And I’d really love to be able to not drink if there is a night that I can’t, for whatever reason.

She also wants me to write a comprehensive to do list of all the things I’ve been putting off that give me an extreme amount of stress and anxiety. So…that will be fun.

I’m so overwhelmed with life right now. Things keep happening and getting bigger. And it is so incredibly stressful.

I’m supposed to be drinking less, but I’m feeling so triggered right now. It’s not even 8am and the urge to pour a drink is stronger than it has been in a while.

These past few days have been challenging to say the least.

But I’m grateful for the support that I do have…even if sometimes it feels like I need a whole lot more help and support with everything. I’d be lost without my therapist and my husband.

I hate this season of life. It’s so fucking hard.

I just need to get through it.

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