Support looks different for everyone

This morning started off in very atypical fashion…but will now become part of our weekly routine.

A few weeks ago, we switched my 6 year old son’s therapist. We’ve been trying to get in with this particular therapist for a little while, but when we were first looking, she didn’t have any openings.

Fast forward to a few months later, my therapist (who happens to be good friends with her) texted her and asked if she would see him. She said she would, despite still having a full caseload, and I’m SO grateful for how it worked out.

He’s only seen her a handful of times, including this morning, but I LOVE her for him. It’s definitely a good fit, and I see so much potential for positive change. For like, the first time ever.

To make this next very long part of the story short…the group practice she is currently at is suddenly and unexpectedly shutting down. So they’re having to shift and quickly move locations…wherever and however they can.

So now she’ll be in the same office building as my therapist. Which I find to be pretty funny…just the way the whole thing went down.

This new therapist is also going to start seeing Phoenix, my almost 5 year old, in addition to them joining each other in their sessions.

My Thursday mornings will now consist of this new appointment at 8, then dropping him off at school, putting the baby down for a nap, and then driving the other 2 boys to PT/OT, picking other son up from school…etc, etc.

Phoenix will be seeing her on Fridays at 1….so…you know what that means.

My precious one day a week with no standing appointments is no longer. 😭

I’ll grieve the loss. Truly. I loved having a day with no schedule to follow or routine to keep other than my own. But it will be worth it to have him see her, and I am soooo excited to hear her opinion of him. He’s an interesting boy, I’m telling you!

My life, well, our lives…my kids lives too… have been made a billion times better by the people in our lives who have dedicated a lot of time and energy into helping us. My therapist, my kids therapists (OT, PT, speech). And I’m excited to have yet another person who I feel like was really hand picked for us.

Having support feels like hope. Support looks different for everyone. And I guess for our family…it means a WHOLE lot of therapy.

I feel more supported with knowing that my boys are in REALLY good hands, with someone I’m really hopeful about. Even though she isn’t my therapist, I still feel supported knowing that they are being helped in the best way possible, and I can only ever grow as a parent with the tools and advice they give me based on them as extraordinarily different kids.

Today, my sons therapy looked like him and his therapist practicing walking slowly and quietly, and practiced waiting in the hallway for a few minutes at a time while I “hid magic worms” all around the room. I mean, while the worms all ran away and hid.

Sometimes, even just the idea of hope, and the possibility of support, is enough to make a difference.

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