What defines success anyway?

My husband and I are FAR from perfect. Just the other night, for instance, we got into a rather huge (or so it felt to me) …not argument…just more of an …uncomfortable experience…..where we were both uncomfortable talking about the health and future of our 12 month old son.

I met my husband almost 9 years ago. We were married nearly 9 months later. And he’s the best person I could ever have dreamed up for me.

He would never, and has never, told me no. Not that I ask for or do anything worthy of being told a hard and fast no…but still. If I can dream it, I can go for it. And that’s really something that I’m grateful for.

Do we argue? Absolutely.

Do we have WILDLY different ways of addressing conflict?


But at the end of the day, I love the shit out of this person.

We might disagree about some things here and there.

But at the end of the day?

I can count on him to love me.

To be my safe person.

And to absolutely harmonize both the call AND response part of We Don’t Talk About Bruno with me.

Yeah, that’s right.

My husband sings Encanto with me late at night, when it’s his fault he’s gotten it stuck in my head in the first place.

Do I hate him sometimes? Yes? Maybe? Well, I guess not. I never really do. But do I say that to make myself feel better? Yeah. Occasionally.

But do I know that I’m with the absolute best person on the planet (for me)?

I really do. I appreciate him so fucking much. Even when I hated him times a billion the night before. (But not really).

We don’t talk about Bruno.

(No, no, no….)

Find you a person that’ll harmonize Disney songs with you when the kids are loooonngggg asleep.

Life may be hard as fuck, but at least…

We’ll ALWAYS be talking about Bruno. And harmonizing together. Because…why not?

Don’t take life too seriously, guys.

It’s just so fucking short.

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