36 weeks down…not many days left to go

So, we’re down to weekly appointments now with my doctor for this pregnancy. If it were up to her, I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore. Medically, she does not want me to stay pregnant, and thinks it’s safer to induce me…now.

But, since I’m under the care of Maternal Fetal Medicine as well as my regular OBGYN, it’s technically their call and they have to agree.

At my appointment this morning, my doctor sent a message over to my other doctors office basically asking at what point they’d be agreeable to induce me. They could say today, they could say next week, I really don’t know. But basically, I need to be ready to have this baby NOW.

And I am.

I’m so ready.

I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited.

This morning I woke up with sharp pain and crampiness low in my stomach, and at my appointment I was 2cm dilated at 50% effaced. Which is more than it was last week, so that’s good news.

I’ve been induced twice before and have only actually gone into labor on my own with my most recent pregnancy almost 4 years ago at 38 weeks. As excited as I am to meet this baby boy, I do wish I could go into labor on my own instead of being induced.

There’s still a chance of that, it’s very likely I’ll go into labor on my own before 38 weeks anyway. But I could hear back from my doctor before this week is over and say they are able to induce me now.

Either way, whatever happens, I’m ready. My bags are (mostly) packed, the laundry is (mostly) done, and the house is (mostly) ready to go and all set up.

Hey, when you have 2 other young kids at home, I’ll gladly accept “mostly” ready for anything.

Baby boy, we’re (mostly) ready for you.

Because who needs pants when you’re 36 weeks pregnant? Surely a sheet will suffice.
A lovely day at the doctor. What more could you need?

4 thoughts on “36 weeks down…not many days left to go”

  1. Getting so close! Wishing you a good labor, should you head into it anytime soon 😉 hopefully all will go good and your family will have another lovely member ♥

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