One more Sunday

Dear weekend,

I’m not quite ready for you to leave me just yet. You were too busy, too fast, too chaotic. If I could just have one more day, one more Sunday…

I’m just not ready to move on yet. I’m not ready to meet Monday where it is.

Sunday, you weren’t good to me today. An extroverted day for an introverted girl, forced to socialize, to come outside of my shell…a sick baby on top of it all?

Sunday…I’m just not ready for you to turn into Monday. Monday comes with changes that I hate. No chance for breaks, no chance for self care….no chance for me.

I’m not doing so very okay right now. And Sunday was my last chance of recovering for the brutal week that lies ahead.

So, Sunday…I’m going to need a redo. I’m going to need one more chance.

I love my husband too much for him to leave me for a Monday. I love my kids too much for a case of the Mondays to leave me feeling simply insane.

Sunday, I’m going to need a redo. I’m going to need another chance. I’m just not ready to leave you yet…I’m not ready for you to leave me.

If you can’t give me a reprieve from Monday…I guess we’ll just have to try again next week.

I only hope I make it till then to try again.

Until we meet again, Sunday.

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