Hello, nightmares

It’s been a while since you’ve waken me this abruptly, with images so vivid I question their reality.

It’s been a few days since I’ve sat awake at 2am lonely and afraid to close my eyes again.

Usually I dull you, nightmares. Usually I drink you into silence.

I suppose I fell asleep too early tonight. You’ve kept me from sleeping for many nights now, and time caught up. I guess alcohol didn’t have time to do it’s morbid job this evening.

I’ll be exhausted tomorrow, today really. I wish I could feel safe enough to close my eyes again, but the haunting movies of my mind are sometimes all too real.

At least I didn’t attack anybody in my sleep tonight. Not that I know of anyway.

Good night, nightmares. I’m going to try to overcome you now. Please release me from your terror.

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