Hard time with the holidays

Thanksgiving is historically not my favorite day. I had a hard time with the holidays growing up because my home life was always very chaotic and tumultuous.

Thanksgiving in particular I have a certain disdain for. I have a traumatic history with Thanksgiving, and I’ve always had a hard time accepting it and moving past it.

Fast forward to now, and I still struggle with it. Holidays in general are hard. I don’t enjoy a bunch of people coming over, I don’t love being forced to socialize, and I hate having to force a smile and pretend to be okay and happy when I am just so…not.

I don’t have a lot of words for today other than I’m struggling. The holidays are hard for a lot of us, but for those who struggle with depression or anything similar, for those with difficult families…the holidays bring extra challenges.

If you celebrate this day, I hope you find something worth celebrating. I hope you find a moment, even just one, that brings a little bit of peace or happiness.

For me, that moment will come tonight.

When everyone is asleep, the company is gone, and I have a hot cup of coffee and a piece of pie.

That will be my moment. And even though today is hard, I’ll get through it knowing that I have a small moment of happiness coming my way.

4 thoughts on “Hard time with the holidays”

  1. Sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes! I just realized this will only be my second time goi g through the holidays sober. I relapsed shortly after Thanksgiving last year

    1. That’s so hard. The holidays really are tough to stay sober for. Especially if you’re surrounded by it from other people. You got this! 😊 Maybe next year I’ll have my first sober holiday too.

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