Another week just trying to survive.

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately, in very unsurprising fashion.

I’m so glad it’s Friday and I’m so hoping that this weekend goes better than last weekend did. I have been going constantly for way too long. I haven’t had even an hour to myself in a solid month, and I’m pretty over it.

All 3 kids have been back and forth to the doctor repeatedly for the past few weeks. Yesterday we went again and just no one is getting better. Well, actually the baby sounded a bit better and less wheezy yesterday, and his ear infection looks better. But my older 2 are still pretty bad. My oldest has bad lungs to begin with from our genetic condition, and now he’s got asthma on top of it. He’s having a really hard time getting past a simple cold and is now on 2 oral steroids plus an inhaler. Ugh. And my 4 year old has a sinus infection now too.

So they are all a little miserable and a little needy and I’m just doing my best to survive.

My mom got her biopsy yesterday, so I guess within 24-48 hours she’ll know if she has cancer or not. Because that’s not stressful at all.

I didn’t think I did, or at least I didn’t mean to, but I guess I drank more than usual last night. Or maybe I didn’t, but I just had a really weird nights sleep. And I’m still feeling in this morning. I got a late start drinking, so I guess I felt like I needed to make up for time by drinking a lot pretty quickly.

Apparently it’s Friday the 13th today. That makes sense. It feels like that kind of a day.

My 4 year old has an appointment to go pick up his new AFOs today and I have to go pick up more prescriptions for them. UGH. This special needs life is not for the faint.

The baby is 12 weeks old now and he’s finally starting to sleep better. Most nights for the last week he’s only woken up once in the middle of the night, which is basically a miracle from where we were.

I’m supposed to go to a dermatologist appointment tomorrow morning because my mom thinks I have skin cancer, but I think she’s crazy and I don’t want to go. I just kind of ripped that spot off and called it a day. Why go to a doctor when you could just…not? This is terrible advice. Don’t be like me. Please go to doctors and get yourself checked out.

I desperately need this weekend to be one of self care and rest. I might even ask my husband if he’ll take the baby out with him for a little while. Sometimes he’ll take the older 2 to his moms house and they hang out there for a few hours, but he’s never taken the baby. Since I’m breastfeeding and I try to keep him on somewhat of a nap schedule when we’re home, I don’t really ever let anyone take the baby without me. But I’m so desperate for some down time that maybe that’s necessary for a few hours this weekend…

At least at end of the weekend comes therapy on Monday. I still need to have a conversation with my husband about drinking, and I need to do it before I go back to therapy. I said I would do it, and even if it’s hard…I know it’s something I need to do.

Well, here’s to surviving yet another week. Hopefully the next one is better.

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