Cut that sh*t out

Well, todays the day. Today is finally surgery day for my mom.

She got diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and we have all been anxiously awaiting this day. Today is really when treatment begins and when we will finally find out more information.

After her surgery we’ll learn more, like if she’ll need chemo in addition to radiation, if the cancer has spread or entered the lymph nodes, and exactly what the course of her treatment will look like.

We’re all nervous, and the diagnosis came as a shock to all of us. But we’re fighting, she’s fighting…it’s just scary. The surgery itself isn’t scary. At least, from my perspective that isn’t the scary part. I think we’re all more afraid of the chemo, and the side effects from that.

She’ll be off of work for the next 5 weeks recovering, but I’m hoping, for her sake, that it’s an easy recovery.

We live in a big house with my parents, so this definitely affects all of us. I’m worried that my kids will be too loud (you know, being 6 and 4 year old boys and such) and will hinder her recovery. My parents have tried to reassure me that they wouldn’t (and don’t) bother her…but when they are just CONSTANT noise all day…ahhh. I mean, it certainly bothers me.

My kids don’t know that she has “cancer”, because I’m honestly not sure they would understand what that means. They know what surgery is because I’ve had surgery before, and so have they. But they wouldn’t have an understanding of “cancer”.

I’m worried, we’re all worried…but I’m just glad that today is finally here and they are finally going to cut that shit out of her.

Here’s to hoping that they get it all.

I really want things to be okay.

I don’t say it nearly enough, but I do love my mom. And it’s been a scary time for all of us.

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