When Sundays are a whole vibe

Things have been weird lately. After spending 3 weeks in my own while my husband was away taking care of his dad, every day just started to look and feel the same.

He’s been back for a week now. But even since he came back, weekends have given me a certain sense of anxiety and urgency.

Like, in the sense of please take these children and get the hell away from meeeee please and thank you!

I straight up just want to be alone.

On Sundays, that urgency seems to increase. Like, oh crap, the weekend is almost over already, tomorrow is Monday and I’ll have to start this all over and I’ll be trapped with them by myself all day long.

I’ll be very honest. Aside from the baby, who will be 10 months old next week and FINALLY sleeping through the night…I am not currently “enjoying” my children.

It’s just hard because my 6 year old has had a pretty significant increase in…not fun behavior…over the past 4 weeks. And my 4 year old has started copying some of it. Which, to be honest, upsets me more than anything else. I just want him to stay my sweet boy.

Anyway, I told my husband that my plan for today is to be a hermit, and to hide out in my room all day while he deals with the kids.

Yeah, because that will work out so well. They DEFINITELY won’t keep busting into my room every 2 seconds, right?

So, that’s where we are right now. Atlas and I are hanging out, trying to have a “quiet” few minutes away from those loud loud brothers.

I love all of my kids. But I really, really, love the quiet ones…(even if he bites). 😂

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