Laugh, don’t cry

Ah, life. It just keeps on going, doesn’t it?

Yesterday was as Monday as it gets, in a not so Monday way. I took my son to his therapy appointment (the counseling kind), and right at the end, my husband calls to tell me that his car is officially dead. And I have to go pick him up. Which means I had to cancel our next appointments, PT and speech for the kids.

It’s been in its way out for a while, and has been a strictly “no kids are allowed in this vehicle” kind of car for months. It’s just been a death trap with no AC that would randomly shut off while he was driving it.

So, this comes as no surprise.

It is, however, really, REALLY shitty timing. Seeing as our finical struggles have been severe and urgent, and we literally can NOT afford to fix or get any kind of new car. So, I guess that means I’ll have to drive my husband to and from work every single day, as well and my son to and from school, starting tomorrow.

A family of 5 with 3 special needs kids and 1 car….yeah. That should work out just fine…right?

Like I said. Just…fucking laugh to keep from crying. Sometimes, it’s all you can do.

It would be GREAT if my husband could bring home a paycheck, something that hasn’t happened since June…but we still might be a few weeks away from that. And it definitely won’t be enough to cover all that we need it to.

And now a car.


The real reason you’re here reading this blog on a Tuesday, to find out how therapy went last night!

It was only an hour because she had to leave early, so it was shorter than usual. It went well, I mostly just had anxiety and (more loudly than usual) talked about my life’s problems and stressors for an hour straight, but that’s okay. we talked about my son, and different things to try with him, and that was helpful.

So overall, it went well. It was little, and broken, but still good. (She says in her best Stitch voice)

If things weren’t so hard financially, I think I’d be doing a lot better right now.

Tomorrow is my sons first day of school after a LONG summer, I’m supposed to have a few trips coming up…but I don’t know. I still haven’t been able to book my flights yet, for obvious reasons. This had the potential to be a good month. But it seems like it’s all falling apart.

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(This is our most recent video where my husband tried out a few products from Temu, I promise I didn’t turn into a guy) 😂😂

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