One year old.

Atlas Isaac.

Today, you turn one.

To be honest, first birthdays are always a bit hard for me. There’s just something so special and so magical about the first year.

Watching them learn and change so quickly, experiencing so many firsts together, it’s always been an emotional day for me. This one is no different.

Your journey has been nothing short of a miracle, and, against the odds, you are here.

When he was born, he had a knot so tight in his umbilical cord that our doctor was shocked that he made it here… “without complication”.

Then RSV at 8 weeks old. Hospitalizations. And so, so many doctors.

Of all my children, physically, he is the weakest. He has the least joint stability, and his physical strength is just…absent.

But this child is fierce. And strong willed.

He claps to himself when he’s happy, and he lets you KNOW about it when he’s upset.

He loves his mama big. And I love him even bigger.

Today, he is one.

We stayed up way too late last night getting things ready, and then goofing off. Because sometimes, parenting just be like that.

Today will be all about you, and I can’t wait to spend it with my tiny best friend. He’s the brightness in my days.

And he’s the best little buddy I ever could’ve hoped for.

Our journey is a tough one, and we’ve got a lot of tough things coming up. I’m so scared of what his future holds.

But today, I’m allowing myself to let the fears go. Make the memories, take the pictures, and soak it in.

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